Google Marketing: I optimize your search engine performance

Over 90 percent of German internet users use Google. If you want your website to be found online, it needs to be optimized for this search engine. I know how to do that, and that's why I implement successful Google Marketing for you. This will give you a good position in Google, attract more visitors and increase your success in the long term!

Google Marketing - This is how search engine marketing works at Google with SEO and SEA

Google Marketing is divided into two areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). The ads that are placed via SEA appear at the top of the Google results pages. They are assigned to relevant search terms and appear when a user enters one of the selected terms.

They give you paid reach as opposed to the organic reach of SEO. The Google algorithm sorts the links under the ads according to their relevance to the searched term. By optimizing your website for the search engine, you can achieve a high position here. The better the ranking of your website, the more often it is clicked on. I offer you extensive SEA and SEO advice, with which I will inform you about all the relevant options for your website. My advice is suitable for companies and the self-employed.

Concrete SEO measures for your website with Google Marketing

Both content and technical factors play a role in a successful search engine optimization. Google attaches great importance to good content that offers the user added value. Blogs, advice texts, news areas and the like have proven to be particularly effective here. In the texts, important search terms, so-called keywords, are placed in a well-dosed manner. I research which keywords are relevant for your online presence and then optimize your website for Google.

The technically relevant factors include short loading times and clearly structured menus and sub-pages. I implement all of these measures on your website. At the same time, so-called off-page factors also play a role. Above all, this includes strong backlinks that lead to yours from other important websites. I know what it's all about Google Marketing ankommt und biete Ihnen deshalb eine umfangreiche und detaillierte SEO für WordPress sowie für alle anderen Webseiten.


Advertise successfully on Google

A perfectly rounded strategy for search engine marketing includes search engine advertising in addition to SEO. I realize your Google Adwords campaigns and manage your budget. Ads in Google are billed per click - so you only pay when a prospect actually clicks on one of the text ads. Thanks to my many years of experience, I create ads for Google that are aimed at the highest possible conversion rate and increase your sales success. To do this, I will first take over the Google account setup so that I can place and manage ads on your behalf.

Continuous monitoring of the success of all marketing measures

Controlling is one of my services for your search engine marketing. I keep track of which measures are successful and where there is potential for optimization. I can therefore intervene quickly if an SEO or SEA measure does not bring the desired success. Controlling is carried out using the Google Analytics software, which prepares the traffic on your website in practical statistics.

I set up an account with Google Analytics and set the corresponding pixels on your website so that the service can collect and evaluate your users' data. From conception through implementation to success control: I will implement professional marketing on Google for you. Let us advise you now without obligation!