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A strong brand requires a professional and unique appearance. A look with a high recognition value makes a decisive contribution to success. Would you like customers, prospects, employees and business partners to perceive your company or organization in a visually positive way? Then you need one Corporate Design! Dies erarbeite ich gerne für Sie.

Corporate Design für Kleinbetriebe und Existenzgründer

What is a corporate design?

The Corporate Design, CD for short, brings together all the design elements that belong to a brand. This includes all colors, fonts, symbols and much more that are used in the layout. The logo is also an important part. The CD also contains information on important design guidelines, such as the arrangement of various elements and the spacing between them.

This information is recorded in detail in a manual so that your employees and external service providers can always refer to it. All means of communication of the respective brand are exactly according to the specifications of the Corporate Designs designed. This applies to print products such as flyers, brochures, advertisements, posters, annual reports, letterheads and business cards as well as digital communication media such as the company website, blog and social media profiles.

Corporate Design für Kleinbetriebe und Existenzgründer

Why does a brand need a CD?

The CD ensures a uniform appearance of a brand. No matter where your company, your club or your organization appears: You always communicate within the framework of the given design guidelines. This ensures a high recognition value and strengthens the bond between your customers and your brand. Employees also perceive their employer more positively when they position themselves in a visually recognizable manner.

target of Corporate Designs it is also to communicate the most important characteristics and values of a brand non-verbally. Even if the viewer does not yet know your company, information is already transmitted to them optically that they perceive subconsciously. This creates sympathy and anchors your message more effectively in the mind of the prospect. A continuously implemented and visually attractive CD therefore gives you an important competitive advantage.

Corporate Design für Kleinbetriebe und Existenzgründer - Marketing Lesistungen

How do I get my own CD?

Wer professionell kommunizieren möchte, kommt heute an einem gut gemachten CD nicht mehr vorbei. Wenden Sie sich einfach an mich für die Erstellung eines neuen Corporate Designs. Thanks to my many years of experience as a graphic designer, I will develop a creative CD for you, which is also technically at a high level and can be implemented in all business areas.

Among other things, I take care of the logo development and create a unique CD for you. I can then do this myself by taking on the layout and design for your print products, the web design of your website and much more. In this way you can be sure that all design guidelines are adhered to and that your visual appearance unfolds its full effect on all channels. If you're starting a new business or organization, it's a good idea to use your own CD from the start. Alternatively, a relaunch of your brand, combined with a new image, is worthwhile. Contact me now so that I can make you a non-binding offer!



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If you wish, I can also print the required advertising material for you. Regardless of whether it is a small series or a large order.